Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vasantha Bhavan, Hicksville, NY.

It belongs to the chain of restaurants in Chennai. The cuisine is South-Indian. It's got nice ambience compared to House of Dosas. The latter looks more of a fast food joint.

I found some dishes good and some bad. The sambhar tasted good. But all the chutneys they served tasted really funny. Correct, they did taste funny. They were more like Tabasco hot sauce and no way near what you would get to taste their hotels in Chennai. Bhagara bath was the highlight.

The food is mediocre, and at the same time expensive. Given a choice I would go to House of Dosas.

Masala Wok, Hicksville, NY.

They serve Chinese, Indian and Thai. I was first taken there with a promise of mouth-watering Indian-Chinese food. And that was my last visit. A small cramped-up place with good ambience and really bad food.Though I didnt want to judge by tasting just a couple of dishes, I didnt wanna take the risk again. Guess that sums it all.

Royal Tangra Masala, Long Island, NY.

Located at 2207 Hillside Ave in New Hyde Park, NY, this Indian-Chinese restaurant is slowly getting to become one of my favorites. Hybrid cuisines always have something exciting to offer and Indian-Chinese is my top pick of them. A lot btter than Masala Wok, the food is spicy and genuinely Indian-Chinese in taste. I start salivating the moment I think of their chicken hot & sour soup and Manchurian dishes.

The place is inexpensive and simply irrestible!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bamboo House Chinese Restaurant, Durham, NC

Though the name has "chinese" in it, its actually an Indian-Chinese restaurant. The best in its kind I have been to so far in the US. Every dish I have tasted there was delectable. Though I have been going to some good Indian-Chinese spots in Long Island now, I really pine to dine at the Bamboo.

Spice & Curry, Durham, NC

This was my favorite Indian restaurant while working in Raleigh. Food is really very delicious. During lunch buffets the place is packed to capacity any given day. The "chilli chicken" seemed to be every one's fav. Hot dosas during lunch buffets on weekends are on the house.
It also has an Indian grocery store attached to it. They even rent out desi movies.If you are in RTP, the place is strongly recommended. Visit their website for more info.

Akbar restaurant, Garden city, NY

I am fond of the place. More so because I had my wedding in their Banquet hall. Not just that. The food is awesome there, especially the north Indian stuff. And the interiors are classy.Vist their website for more info.

Sarvana Bhavan, NYC

Sarvana Bhavan which is so good back in TamilNadu is pathetic here in Lex ave, NYC. The rates are high and quality really low. The service too is nothing to talk about. I was deeply dissatisfied with it. Probably coz I went with high expectations for what Saravana Bhavan is reputed for.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

House of Dosas (Hicksville, NY)

The range of dishes offered is impressive. You get to eat some funny sounding dosas like "gunpowder dosa", "chinese dosa" etc. They are tasty though. The bisi-bela bath served there is my favorite. The Sambhar tastes genuinely South-Indian.
Service is good and the staff are courteous.Over all its a place you can frequent.Vist their website for more info.


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